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A Revolution in Close & Safe Sleep

The first time a mother holds her baby the journey of protection begins. And for most, the model for care of her child is established in the hospital. Introducing the revolutionary HALO® Bassinest® swivel sleeper for Hospital Birth Centers - a new concept in the world of bassinets. It’s the only hospital bassinet designed to safely keep baby closer to mom than ever before, enabling the closeness that a mother desires most in the first moments with her child.

With its innovative mother-baby centered design, a mother can now easily tend to her baby’s needs from bed:

  • Empowering her to easily care for her child.
  • Promoting ‘skin to skin’ bonding.
  • Promoting breastfeeding.
  • Reducing nurses' time to support baby’s care.
  • Providing baby a safe sleep environment & modeling safe sleep practices for parents.

The HALO Bassinest is the ideal bassinet to ensure safe, comfortable & enjoyable experience for families during their stay at your Birth Center.


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Innovative Mother-Baby Centered Design

360° Swivel Motion Brings Baby Close

Ideal for all mothers, but especially those recovering from a C-section or with physical disabilities.

Promotes mother-centered care and safe rooming-in by reducing the likelihood of accidental falls/drops.

Space-saving tuck under design provides convenient, easy access to baby from bed.

Design empowers mother to care for her baby, limiting nursing time needed to support baby’s care. The Bassinest Swivel Sleeper fits easily on either side of mother's bed.

Clear, lowering bedside wall makes it easy to see and tend to baby while in bed.

Designed for unsupervised rooming-in scenarios, the bedside wall can easily be locked in the upright position.

Supports breastfeeding and mother-child bonding.

Now your little one can sleep as close to you as you want - even right next to you in bed - and still sleep safely in his own separate space. And the more it moves, the less you have to - which makes taking care of baby throughout the night a lot easier.

Height adjustable base.

Height adjustable base provides ideal positioning for mother-to-child closeness, regardless of bed height and makes vital checks easy for nursing staff.

Models a safe sleep space for baby.

Provides baby his own safe sleep space to encourage safe sleep practices in the hospital and at home.

Locking caster wheels for easy maneuvering.

Provide newborns a smooth, quiet ride, while providing stability and maneuverability during transportation.

Built-in storage to keep baby’s necessities at mother's fingertips.

Bassinest® Hospital Series Specifications

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