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BassiNest® Twin Sleeper FAQ

Product Features

Why is the BassiNest Twin Sleeper ideal for families with twins?
The BassiNest Twin Sleeper is the only twin bassinet that rotates 360-degrees for the ultimate in convenience and safety.  Now little ones can sleep close to mom and to each other, while still safely in their own separate sleep areas.  Its unique design means it’s easier for parents to tend to their babies from bed:  the twin sleeper is height adjustable so your twins are visible at your eye level, and both side walls lower and automatically return to their original position, allowing easy access to both babies. Mesh walls offer maximum breathability and visibility.  The BassiNest Twin Sleeper uniquely provides twins with the togetherness they crave and the safety of separate sleep spaces.
Why is the BassiNest Twin Sleeper ideal for nursing moms?

The BassiNest Twin Sleeper supports nursing moms in two important ways:

  • Its 360° rotation and retractable walls make it easy for mom to reach in and lift babies while she’s still in bed (vs. stationary and attached bassinets, which often necessitate mom getting out of bed to lift baby). After nursing, the 360° rotation feature also allows mom to return babies to their separate sleep areas without requiring her to get out of bed.
  • The BassiNest Twin Sleeper also comes with a unique Back to Bed reminder button, which allows mom to set a gentle alert to return babies to the BassiNest, should she doze off while feeding.
Why is the BassiNest Twin Sleeper ideal for any mom, but especially moms after a C-section?

Many twins are delivered via cesarean section. Recovery from this surgery can make any movement painful and difficult for mom including lifting her babies, or having to get in and out of bed to take care of them. Unlike stationary and attached bassinets, the BassiNest twin sleeper’s 360° rotation feature allows mom to easily tend to her babies’ needs without having to get out of bed.

How does the BassiNest Twin Sleeper enhance mom’s bonding with her babies?

With the BassiNest Twin Sleeper, mom can safely sleep close to her twins – closer than with any other bassinet or co-sleeper. This close proximity allows her to more easily reach in and soothe her baby, the retractable wall makes it easier to pick up her baby, and the mesh sides mean that she can better see her baby.  These features create a more intimate sleeping relationship between mom and her twins while ensuring that the babies are still sleeping safe and sound in their own, separate sleep areas.

How does the BassiNest Twin Sleeper’s retractable sidewalls work?

The BassiNest Twin Sleeper’s patented, retractable sidewalls lower easily with downward pressure when mom reaches in to lift or soothe her baby. Its auto-return safety feature automatically returns the sidewall to its original, upright position when the pressure is removed.  If desired, the side walls can be locked in the upright position.

Can the BassiNest Twin Sleeper be used on either side of the bed?

Yes, the BassiNest Twin Sleeper can be positioned and used on either side of an adult bed.

Can the BassiNest Twin Sleeper be used with all kinds of adult beds?

The BassiNest Twin Sleeper’s low-profile, four-point base is designed to accommodate most bed heights. The HALO Bassinest twin sleeper is height adjustable from 24” – 34” inches. If you have a platform bed, you may want to measure the height of your bed and verify that you are pleased with the height of the BassiNest in relation to your bed. 

Can it be used on bare or carpeted floors?

Yes, the BassiNest Twin Sleeper can be used on bare or carpeted floors.  If using with an area rug, please ensure that all four legs are placed either on or off the rug for maximum stability.

What features does the BassiNest Twin Sleeper offer?

The BassiNest Twin Sleeper is the perfect solution for families expecting twins as it makes caring for both babies easier while keeping each baby safe in his or her own separate sleep area.  It features mesh walls for increased breathability and a mesh divider between the twins allowing them the visibility and togetherness they crave.  It is ideal for all new moms, especially moms who’ve had c-sections, as they can tend to both babies without getting out of bed. The 360° rotation gives mom equal access to both newborns.

Do the features of the soothing center work the same as they do on the BassiNest Swivel Sleeper?

Yes, the soothing center on the BassiNest Twin Sleeper has the same soothing features as the swivel sleeper.  The vibration feature will work on both mattresses in the twin sleeper.

Can you have a nightstand next to your bed with the BassiNest Twin Sleeper?

Yes, you can. However, in order to utilize the full function of the twin sleeper, you will want to make sure that bedroom furniture does not impede the rotation of the bassiNest.

Which BassiNest accessories are compatible with the BassiNest Twin Sleeper?

The only accessories that are designed to fit the BassiNest Twin Sleeper are the 100% cotton twin sleeper sheets, the twin sleeper mattress pads, and the BassiNest musical mobile. The other BassiNest accessories are not compatible with the twin sleeper. The BassiNest Twin Sleeper has two uniquely shaped mattresses and comes with sheets that match the print of the BassiNest, two mattress pads and an extra set of white, 100% cotton sheets.

Is there an incline feature on the BassiNest Twin Sleeper?

No.  Inclining a baby is not recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as babies can slide towards the foot of the inclined sleep surface.

Can the bed portion be removed from the base and used without the base?

No, the BassiNest Twin Sleeper bed should NEVER be used without the base. Only remove the bed from the base when storing or moving the unit when not in use.

Can the side wall lock feature be used to lock the wall in the “down” position?

For safety, the lock feature will only lock the wall in the upright position if desired. It does not lock in the “down” position.

Is the Bassinest easily portable so that I can use it in other rooms of my home?

The BassiNest can be moved to another room. The BassiNest bed disconnects easily from the base, so the sleeper can be moved in two pieces.

Can I use a mattress other than the one provided with the BassiNest Twin Sleeper?

The unique shape of the BassiNest mattress is designed to fit perfectly in the BassiNest Twin Sleeper. It is not recommended to use any mattress other than the one provided, as doing so could create a poor fit and result in an unsafe sleep environment for the baby.

Product Safety

How does the BassiNest Twin Sleeper promote safe sleep?
The American Academy of Pediatrics and safe sleep experts advise moms that, to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) or accidental suffocation, infants under 12 months of age should room share, but should always sleep in their own, separate sleep area.  These recommendations are warranted:  According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), accidental suffocation accounts for nearly 1,000 infant deaths every year.  In addition, according to the American Journal of Public Health, 64% of sudden unexplained infant deaths occurred when the babies were sharing a sleep surface with someone else.

The Bassinest twin sleeper is the only BassiNest that rotates 360°, allowing mom to bring her babies as close to her as she wants, without the risks of bed-sharing.
Is the BassiNest Twin Sleeper safe?
Yes, the BassiNest Twin Sleeper is completely safe. It has been rigorously tested and is recommended for babies up to five months of age or 20 pounds (9.1 kg.) each; total weight of 40 lbs (18.1 kg). The sidewall panels are constructed of mesh fabric for maximum visibility and breathability. The BassiNest Twin Sleeper meets or exceeds all ASTM and CPSC standards for bassinets in the US.
What safety standards does this meet?
The BassinNst Twin Sleeper meets or exceeds all CPSC, ASTM guidelines and standards for bassinets as set forth in ASTM F2194-12a (Specifications for BassiNets and Cradles) and ASTM F2906-11 (Specification for Bedside Sleepers) in the U.S. and SOR/2010-261 (Cribs, Cradles and Bassinet Regulations) in Canada, and it carries the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certification seal.
What age and size of baby can use the BassiNest Twin Sleeper?
The twin sleeper can hold up to 40 lbs, or 20 lbs per baby, but we recommend that that you discontinue use of the bassiNest once your babies are able to roll or push up onto hands and knees.
What are its dimensions?

Fully assembled, the BassiNest Twin Sleeper’s dimensions are:

Legs: 21.5” each (45.5” total)

Overall height: 37” (at its lowest position)

Bed: 35 x 35”

Sidewalls:  Front height (upright): 10.5”  |  Front height (retracted): 5.5″  |  Mesh wall height: 10”

Weight: 55 lbs.

How much space does it require?

The space-saving BassiNest Twin Sleeper requires approximately 32” (81 cm) from the edge of the bed and/or perpendicular wall. Its low-profile legs can fit under nightstands and beds with 3” (7 cm) clearance. We recommend that you place one of the base legs under the bed and the other two legs parallel to the bed to minimize the space the base will occupy.

Are batteries required? Are they included?

Yes, three AA batteries are required for operation of the soothing center; batteries are not included.

What is it made from?

The sleep area of the BassiNest Twin Sleeper is made from 100% polyester fabric. The fitted sheets are made of soft polyester knit. The base is made from steel, aluminum and high-impact plastic

Is BassiNest phthalate and BPA-free? 

All the plastic and paints used on BassiNest are lead, phthalate and BPA-free.

Product Care

How do you clean the BassiNest Twin Sleeper?
The sides of BassiNest Twin Sleeper are made from 100% polyester materials that easily wipe clean with a damp cloth. The removable, coordinating fitted sheets are machine washable. Do not use bleach. Do not machine wash mattress. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners.
Are the mattresses waterproof? How do I clean it?

Yes, the mattresses are waterproof. The mattresses should be cleaned regularly by using a mild cleaning solution and a damp cloth. Do not use bleach. Do not machine wash mattresses. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners.  Rinse clean with water to remove residue. Allow to dry completely before replacing sleep pad and/or use.

What if it breaks, or I need replacement parts?

If something on the BassiNest Twin Sleeper breaks, please discontinue use and contact us at 1-888-999-HALO or to discuss replacement or repair.

What is the warranty?

The HALO Bassinest twin sleeper is covered by a one-year limited warranty.  View Warranty Details.

How can I completely remove any adhesive residue left from decals or stickers on the BassiNest Twin Sleeper fabric?

If you find there is residue left on the fabric after you’ve removed all stickers, we recommend that you use a piece of packing tape and rub it (sticky side down) over the area of the fabric with excess residue.  This should remove any excess adhesive.

The BassiNest is not staying at the desired height. What can I do to keep it from moving down?

A small amount of lubricant is used during assembly. There may be a slight residue remaining on the BassiNest base tower. Please try using a cloth and a cleaner like Windex to wipe any remaining lubricant on the tower.  (Please do not use any wipe or cleaner containing Aloe or moisturizer.)  It might take a second round of wiping after reducing the height and putting it back up again, but this should resolve the issue.