headshot of Dr. Tanya Altmann, pediatric expert

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Tanya Altmann to the HALO® family. As a working mom and accomplished pediatrician, Dr. Tanya shares our passion for safe sleep. We’re excited to partner with her on upcoming HALO® launches and sleep safety information. Make sure to look out for future articles and posts from Dr. Tanya about safe sleep! 

In the meantime, here’s a bit more about Dr. Tanya and why we’re so excited to have this multi-hyphenate mom-doctor-expert-superwoman as part of the HALO® team.

Dr. Tanya is based in Calabasas, California, where she founded Calabasas Pediatrics, an integrative pediatric practice for today’s modern family. She’s also an American Academy of Pediatrics parenting book author, network television parenting expert, and an entertainment industry and child product industry consultant.

Dr. Tanya has appeared on numerous national TV news programs and talk shows including TODAY (NBC), CNN, KTLA 5 Morning News (CW Los Angeles), and The Doctors where she’s discussed healthy habits for families, ways to be safe during cold and flu season, and her numerous book launches. She’s also covered breaking medical news stories and controversial parenting issues.

Her books include: Baby and Toddler Basics, What to Feed Your Baby a Veggie-Loving, No-Fuss, Healthy-Eating Kids, and Mommy Calls, Dr. Tanya Answers Parents’ Top 101 Questions About Babies and Toddlers. Most recently, Dr. Tanya served as the Editor-in-Chief of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ best-selling parenting book, Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5 and Your Baby’s First Year.

Through her Instagram and YouTube accounts, Dr. Tanya has taken on yet another role as an on-camera medical correspondent. In the wake of the pandemic, she has covered all-things COVID-19 and how it relates to pediatrics. Back in March 2020 she suggested finding out what your child knows about the virus, correcting misinformation and giving facts, making it a teaching opportunity, and providing reassurance surrounding the health crisis. As time has gone on, Dr. Tanya has expanded her on-camera series, exploring multiple topics applying to parenthood. Recently, she dedicated an entire week of content to the basics of newborns. This included valuable information about tummy time, postpartum, the development of a healthy sleep pattern for your little one, and when to introduce your baby to the world in such unprecedented times.

Additionally, her popular Facebook Live Chats help parents through day-to-day child rearing challenges. She also has a presence on a variety of health and parenting websites including TODAY Parents and Web MD where she responds to concerned caregivers and blogs about health topics.

Dr. Tanya has found a number of creative ways to be a helpful household-name by entering the social media sphere. She brings her signature energy and enthusiasm to everything she does, including being the proud mother to 3 boys. (And yes, her boys slept in HALO® SleepSacks®!) As a HALO® spokeswoman, she will let you in on her pediatric expertise and sleep safety knowledge.

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