Recognizing Safe Sleep Awareness Month

Safe Sleep Awareness Month is about providing insight and information to parents to protect their children from sleep-related injury or death. Throughout this month of creating awareness, we will be sharing safe sleep information and resources. Our goal has always been to educate and provide solutions to parents, as our company was founded by Bill Schmid, who tragically lost his own child to SIDS.

Read onward for the American Academy Pediatrics sleep safety guidelines for infants:

Back is Best

Always place baby on their back to sleep.

Clear the Crib

Remove bumpers, loose blankets, toys, pillows and other miscellaneous items within the crib.  

Room Share, Don’t Bedshare

AAP recommends room sharing for the first few months, but advises against bed sharing. 

No Sleeping on Soft Surfaces 

Adult beds, sofas, water beds, quilts and fuzzy rugs are not safe for baby to sleep on.

Monitor Temperature

A baby is at higher risk of SIDS when they are overheated. Maintain a comfortable room temperature (68 – 72°F) and avoid overfeeding.

Use a New Crib or Bassinet

When choosing a crib or bassinet, make sure it meets current safety standards and has a firm mattress. Do not use a crib that is more than 10 years old.

Breastfeed When Possible

Once feeding has been established, introduce a pacifier during napping to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Don’t Smoke

Secondhand smoke can disturb your baby’s breathing. 

Follow these guidelines to help ensure safe sleep for baby, and peaceful rest for you. And make sure to share with the expecting parents in your circle. Read more about our company's story and mission here.

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