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the experts weigh in on training baby to sleep better

we asked the professionals at Infant Sleep Consultants to divulge all their better sleep secrets and baby sleep training methods


Infant Sleep Consultants
was set up to provide expert advice for parents struggling on how to put a baby to sleep to get their little ones to sleep. the program is run by three highly experienced and qualified professionals, each with over twenty years’ experience of working with families on a one-to-one basis. we do not have a "one solution fits all" approach as we know every child is different, but work with the parents to create a tailor-made plan that they can manage and one which takes into account the needs of the child and expectations of each family. we have learnt that the key to success is consistency, so know that if it feels manageable, they are going to be able to stick at it! during the course of our careers, we found that although there was much guidance offering parents support through pregnancy, birth and those first tentative weeks of finding your feet, as the babies/children got older, the gentle support that parents had become reliant on had started to evaporate and they were exhausted from many weeks and sometimes months of broken sleep.



Q: can you explain why some babies are awake for hours in the middle of the night?

A: we all naturally wake several times a night. if a baby/child has become dependent on a sleep prop to resettle, when they come into their lighter sleep, they will need the same prop to get back to sleep.



Q: how to get baby to sleep?

A: the recipe to success is to make sure your baby is having the right amount of feeds during the day so you can be confident that they aren't waking from hunger. try to ensure they don't get overtired and are napping well during the day. introduce a calm and consistent bedtime routine. the best way to avoid a sleep problem is to encourage positive sleep associations from the beginning.



Q: what’s the best bedtime routine for a new-born vs a toddler?

A: babies and children thrive on familiar routines and the reason a bedtime routine is often successful is they are able to anticipate what will happen next. as the end of the day approaches, keep everything calm and reduce the noise and light in the house (where possible!) give them a bath as it relaxes them and helps to release their sleepy hormone. take them to their room, read them a bedtime story in your arms, feed them, give them a kiss and a cuddle and say goodnight.



Q: does swaddling help baby sleep?

A: swaddling a baby can help them feel secure and mean their startle reflex doesn't disturb them. the guidelines recommend keeping any swaddles loose around their hips, the swaddle doesn't go above their shoulders and all materials are breathable. the aden and anais swaddle is definitely one we would recommend!



Q: how do you support parents whose babies don’t sleep through the night?

A: we come to the comfort of our client’s home where we can pick apart what has gone wrong and most importantly, how to resolve it. we have heard many stories and try to dispel some of the judgement that is often part of parenthood. we are there to support them through any confidence dips as that is often the reason that it all falls apart in the middle of the night.



what is the point of hiring a sleep consultant? what can you do that parents cannot do?

A: although there are hundreds of websites, many containing conflicting advice, all aimed at assisting tired parents, we have found they become overloaded with information and overwhelmed by what to do next. the key factor that makes us different to many of our competitors is that we are all parents! we have eight children between us so really have been there, done it! we have all had sleepless nights, felt frazzled and at times, wondered if we would ever sleep again!



for more information on baby sleep training methods, please contact: Infant Sleep Consultants

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