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what should I pack in the hospital bag? how can I prepare myself for labour?

Nurturing Mums shares its tips to help you prepare for your baby’s birth



Nurturing Mums
has been running popular postnatal courses for 5 years. the 4-week postnatal course offers practical advice on sleep, weaning, first aid and baby development. new mums leave the course feeling more confident and supported, surrounded by a girl gang rallying around them. now in nine London locations and the East Midlands, the trusted company is continually looking to grow as more and more new mums value their refreshing approach, their non-judgemental advice and the opportunity to make friends. here, the experts at Nurturing Mums share a few tips for expecting mums.



Q: what can I do to prepare for childbirth?

A: keep an open mind. babies are wonderfully unpredictable, especially on how and when they choose to enter the world. it’s great to have a birth plan, but it’s also good to prepare yourself for the possibility that things may not go entirely to plan. if you opted for a water birth, the pool may not be available, or you may be too far gone for an epidural and unplanned (as well as planned) C sections are common, too. if you go into your birth with the understanding that you may need to go with the flow, it can take some of the pressure off.

Q: what should I pack in the hospital bag?

A: here is my hospital bag checklist, which is also detailed in this post.


for mum

birth plan / hospital notes
change of clothes (including underwear)
nightie (preferable to pyjamas)
dressing gown
slippers or flip flops
nipple cream
nursing bras
mobile and chargers
hair bands
maternity pads
breast pads
snacks for labour


for baby

3 x sleepsuits
3 x bodysuits
2 x scratch mits (if not integrated into sleepsuit)
cotton baby hat
3 x baby muslins squares/swaddles
8 x nappies
cotton wool
water wipes
baby sleep safe cellular blanket
bottles, teats and formula (if bottle feeding)
going home outfit
car seat


for partner

change of clothes
coins for vending machines / parking
pillow and blanket


optional extras

breastfeeding pillow
high-waisted knickers (especially if you’ve had C-section)
lip balm
handheld fan

Q: what do you like most about your job?

A: the fact that I get to work with so many amazing, resilient and wonderful women and build them up at a time when they may be feeling low is the reason I do my job and the best thing about it. I also like the ability to work for myself, as it allows me the freedom to pick my children up from childcare and a bit more of the elusive ‘work-life balance’.

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