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DreamNest® FAQ


How do I assemble the DreamNest®?
Please see our assembly video here and the instruction manual. If you have further questions please contact us at 1-888-999-HALO or
What do the red and green indicator colors mean on the mattress tension bar?
The safety indicator on the mattress tension bar shows when the mattress is tightened to a safe tension. Tighten the tension bar by twisting the handle until the GREEN indicator is visible. When GREEN is visible that means that the mattress is at a safe, firm tension for baby.
I tightened the tension bar until the indicator showed green, but when I checked it, it showed some red. What does that mean?
During the use of the product, periodically check the tightness of the mattress. If it appears loose or the indicator shows RED, tighten the tension bar by twisting the handle until the GREEN indicator is visible.
How do I attach the EasySway® rocker?
Before installing, remove mattress from frame or bassinet attachment. Gently tip playard frame on long side to expose the bottom. With rocker feet facing OUT and the curved metal bar facing DOWN, line up rocker with the short end of the playard. Foot pedal should be facing OUT. Align rocker clip with playard feet and gently push together until bottom of rocker attachment is flush with the playard feet. The rocker plastic tab will insert over the frame metal rivet when securely installed. Gently pull on rocker to ensure that it is securely attached.

Product Features

How does the DreamNest® promote safe, comfortable sleep?
The DreamNest has an open airflow mesh mattress that allows your child to safely sleep. The tension bar that the mesh mattress is attached to allows for the sleep space to be firm as well as comfortable.
How do the EasySway® rockers work? Are they removable?
The EasySway rockers allow you to gently soothe your baby to sleep. To engage rocking, gently lift UP on the foot pedal with foot or hand. The foot pedal must be lifted on both sides of the DreamNest in order to use the rocker. To stabilize and lock rocker, gently push DOWN on the foot pedal using foot or hand. Secure on both sides of the playard. Rockers are removable. To remove rocker, tip DreamNest on long side of frame to expose the bottom. Lift rocker tab UP and OVER the playard frame rivet to release. Repeat on the opposite end of the rocker. Gently pull rocker off to remove from frame. Repeat process on second rocker. DO NOT LEAVE CHILD UNATTENDED WITH ROCKER ENGAGED.
How long can I use the EasySway® rockers with my infant?
We recommend that you stop using the rockers and remove them from the DreamNest once baby can roll over, push up on hands and knees or reaches 15 lbs, whichever comes first. Rockers should only be used when DreamNest is in the bassinet position.
Can I fold the playard with the EasySway® rockers attached?
Rockers must be removed from the playard frame before collapsing and folding the frame. Can the breathable mesh mattress be used without the DreamNest frame? Yes, the breathable mesh mattress can be used as a standalone cot for toddlers up to 30 lbs. Remove the mattress from the DreamNest and insert the four provided cot legs into the cot leg holes on the underside of the mattress.
Is the DreamNest easily portable so that I can use it in other rooms of my home or take it with for travel?
The DreamNest can easily be moved to another room and can be used as a portable crib. To do so, utilize the playard wheels by gently lifting up on the non-wheeled end and pushing. Note that rockers must be removed to use wheels. You can also transport by removing the mattress and collapsing the DreamNest frame. All components easily fit into the provided travel bag. DO NOT MOVE THE SLEEPER WITH BABY IN IT.
Can I use the DreamNest for my twins?
To ensure your children’s safety, the DreamNest should not be used for more than one infant/child at a time.
Can I use a mattress other than the one provided with the DreamNest?
No, only the mattress provided should be used in the DreamNest as any products other than ones designed to fit in the DreamNest could pose a safety risk.
Can I use accessories from other brands on the DreamNest?
No, only DreamNest® branded products should be used on the DreamNest. Using products that are not made to be compatible with DreamNest could pose a safety risk.
Can I use a sleep positioner or pillow in DreamNest?
No, using any kind of infant sleep pillow or positioner could pose a suffocation risk.
Does the DreamNest come with a fitted sheet?
The DreamNest does not come with a fitted sheet, but you can buy HALO cotton muslin sheets that are sold separately and designed exclusively to fit the DreamNest mattress
How does the DreamNest Plus model differ from the DreamNest model?
The DreamNest Plus model includes a changing table attachment. All other components are shared between the two units.
What are the wheels for on the DreamNest?
The wheels are for easy movement around the home. Simply lift up on the side of DreamNest that does not have wheels and gently push the unit easily around the home. Please note that playard wheels cannot be used with the EasySway rockers attached.. DO NOT MOVE THE SLEEPER WITH BABY IN IT.

Product Care

How do you clean the DreamNest®?
The DreamNest frame, bassinet and changing pad are made from 100% polyester material and easily wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not use bleach. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners. The mattress fabric is machine washable. Remove from frame before washing. Close zipper before washing. Machine wash separately in cold water, delicate cycle. No bleach. Drip dry.
Is the mattress waterproof? How do I clean it?
The mesh fabric is not waterproof due to the breathability of the mesh. The breathable mesh fabric is completely removable and can be machine washed. Simply unzip the mesh fabric from the mattress frame and wash on cold, delicate cycle and air dry. Close zipper before washing.
How do I store my DreamNest for future use?
We recommend that you disassemble the DreamNest and store in a cool, dry place inside the provided travel bag. Note that the changing table accessory is not designed to fit inside the travel bag.
What if it breaks, or I need replacement parts?
If something on the DreamNest® breaks, please discontinue use immediately and contact us at 1-888-999-HALO or to discuss replacement or repair.
What is the warranty?
The DreamNest® is covered by a one-year limited warranty. View Warranty Details.