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In-Hospital Safe Sleep Modeling Program FAQ

How do I prevent the SleepSack Swaddles from being taken by patients?

We have accumulated a list of methods for loss prevention from hospitals in the program which we will share with you upon request.

How can I be sure that they will be returned from the laundry?

There is a large label inside the swaddle where the hospital’s name can be marked. Feel free to have your linen company stamp the SleepSack Swaddle, just as they do your current linens.

Do they need special handling in the laundry?

Not usually. Please review our laundering guidelines as well as case studies with details from laundries that have successfully processed SleepSack Swaddles.

Do they cost more to launder?

They should not. However, if your laundry insists that they do, the minimal cost will not outweigh the savings your hospital will experience from the Free Program.

How is my allotment determined?

HALO developed a formula based on 5 years of in-hospital usage that takes into account the number of births in your hospital’s birthing center and admissions or number of beds in the NICU/PICU to ascertain allotment for those areas. Your supply can be replaced throughout the course of the year.

What if my hospital doesn't have enough? It seems like a very small amount, especially the first delivery.

Remember that you only use about 1/3 as many SleepSack Swaddles as receiving blankets so you don’t need nearly as many. However, the system isn’t rigid. If, for any reason, you don’t have enough, just call in your next delivery. You may call them in as needed until you reach your annual allotment. We’re confident that won’t be before the anniversary of your start date, when the original quantities are available all over again. If you do run out, you may purchase a case or two to tide you over, but that should only happen in the first year since the SleepSacks wear very well and you’ll accumulate them.

What training and education do you require?

We provide you with enough of our “Safe Sleep Tips” brochures and/or door hanger* upon request free of charge to distribute to all parents. You may also use the videos under the Safety tab on our website to educate parents in safe sleep. Staff training is also provided on our website under the Hospital Tab.

Should I order micro-fleece or cotton?

Nursing staff preference, temperature control in the rooms, and other environmental factors make the decision to use fleece
or cotton entirely up to the hospital. However, for the preemie size, we have a study that determines that the micro-fleece maintains exactly the right body temperature for a baby 5 lbs and under.

Should I use Velcro or non-velcro?

The Velcro swaddle closing is the most traditional and most foolproof for modeling safe sleep exactly as the parent will do at home. However, some hospital laundries objected to the labor of closing the swaddle or pulling the Velcro apart if it stuck (although function wasn’t affected.) We therefore introduced the longer, non-Velcro wing, to be tucked in. Consult with your laundry before ordering.

Should I use a zipper or snap style?

The snap closing was introduced because some laundries were breaking zippers. However, if you have no problem with the laundry, the zipper is still faster to use.

How much is the shipping?

The least costly way to handle shipping is to use your hospital’s own UPS or FedEx account number. The other option is to ship through our carrier at a charge of .97 per piece.

What if the parent who sees safe sleep modeled in the nursery can’t afford to purchase a SleepSack wearable blanket when the baby goes home?

We offer your hospital gift shop a greatly discounted price on the same SleepSack wearable blanket used in the hospital, so that savings can be passed on to the new parent.

Do I have to sign a binding contract? Will I have to pay for a new supply after 12 months?

There is not a binding contract involved. You simply agree to the points on the worksheet as a commitment to HALO to use and care for the products as intended in our Free Program, and commit to the safe sleep education needed for staff and patients. Your program will renew seamlessly after 12 months.

Your hospital is Baby Friendly (or pursuing certification), can we still take advantage of your free In-Hospital program?

ABSOLUTELY! Over a third of all Baby Friendly certified hospitals in the U.S. use HALO SleepSack wearable blankets to teach Safe Sleep.