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mom holding swaddled babymom holding swaddled baby

Swaddle in Style

Updated Prints for Sleep Safety

baby laying in crib in swaddlebaby laying in crib in swaddle

SleepSack® Swaddle

A safe sleep from the moment you bring them, our swaddles are expert designed for a comfortable fit.

baby sleeping in bedside bassinet with mom in bedbaby sleeping in bedside bassinet with mom in bed


Find the BassiNest that best fits your growing family, and all the accessories you'll ever need to help baby sleep safe and sound.

baby in halo sleepsack wearable blanket in micro-fleece fabricbaby in halo sleepsack wearable blanket in micro-fleece fabric


The perfect fabric for those colder months to keep your little one comfortable and cozy.

Why is sleep safety so important?

sleeping baby icon

Improves baby's immune system.

baby sleeping on back icon

"Back is Best" a reminder stitched on every one of our products to ensure baby is always in the best position.

schedule icon

Establishing a bedtime routine ensures baby is getting a safe, sound and restful sleep every time.

thermometer icon

Help baby stay at a safe tempurature throughout their night's sleep.

swaddled baby icon

Swaddling newborns allow them to feel secure as they transition to sleeping outside the womb.

baby in wearable blanket icon

Wearable blankets reduce the risk of loose blankets in the cribs while keeping baby warm.

baby sleeping in newborn insert in bedside bassinetbaby sleeping in newborn insert in bedside bassinet

The new and improved version of our BassiNest® Newborn Insert effortlessly adjusts your little one to sleeping outside the womb.

Safe Sleep Made Easier™

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    Guest Post: Safe Sleep for Exhausted New Parents

    We’re honored to share a guest post written by Alison Jacobson, CEO of First Candle, the non-profit dedicated to ending SIDS. Alison is also a SIDS mom, having lost her son Conner in 1997. We hope you’ll find her message a powerful reminder on the importance of safe sleep.

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  • baby sleeping in halo disney sleepsack swaddle in minnie mouse pink print
    Bringing Magic to the Bedtime Routine

    Bedtime routines are not only an essential part of healthy sleep for baby, but for parents, too. By establishing a routine, baby learns to fall asleep on their own—and comfort themselves back to sleep without the need for you to soothe them by rocking or lying next to them.

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  • parent sitting in chair craddling baby
    Recognizing Safe Sleep Awareness Month

    We are dedicated to educating parents and caretakers on sleep safety, with the goal of eliminating sleep related injury or death. All month, HALO® will be sharing safe sleep information and resources. Read on for top tips.

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  • mom holding baby wrapped in halo disney sleepsack swaddle in front of crib
    The Disney Baby Collection by HALO®

    Discover the magnificence of Disney™ with our newest collection designed with sleep safety, comfort and fun in mind.

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