mom reading to toddler and baby in front of crib

Does your baby sleep in your bedroom? Many parents choose to room share, having their baby sleep in a bassinet next to their bed since birth. Not only is it recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for safe sleep, but it’s convenient for when they wake in the night, and provides closeness as you and your baby bond.

Eventually, though, the time comes for baby to move to their own room. And with that transfer can come anxiety. You may worry, "Will baby cry all night?" "Will they feel isolated or alone?" It’s enough to make you lose sleep!

So what can you do to ease the transition? Here are some tips to make that transition as smooth as possible.   

When to Move Your Child?

The AAP recommends for babies to sleep in the same room as parents or caregivers for their first year. If a full year isn’t possible, keeping your little one in your for at least the first six months of their lives is preferred to reduce the risk of SIDS. (It’s important to note they should be in their own bassinet, not your bed). But it’s up to each family to find the right time to transition baby to their own space. Some find it comforting to have baby so close. Others may worry they’re disturbing baby’s sleep as they get older or are ready to get a little privacy back. It’s your choice. 

Wait Until Your Child is Healthy

Whether baby is 6 or 16 months when you’re making the shift, the strategy is similar. Wait until your child is healthy (making a big move like this when they’re sick or teething can be a recipe for disaster), and accept that things may be rocky at the start.

Start Gradually

When you’re ready, introduce your baby or toddler to their new sleeping space gradually. Try starting with nap time. Getting your child used to the new room a few hours at a time can ease the transition.

Make Your Baby's Crib or Toddler Bed a Soothing & Comfortable Place

Make the new crib or toddler bed a cozy, soothing spot. White noise and soothing vibrations can help with this. If your baby slept in the HALO Bassinest swivel sleeper or any other bassinet with vibration, like the new Luxe Series or new Luxe Plus Series, will help your child fall asleep with the vibrations and sounds they’re accustomed to. Watch this video to see it in action on the new Premiere Series! The gentle vibration, soothing sounds, and a nightlight to lull infants and toddlers to their best sleep.