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Welcome to Our Healthcare Professional Site

HALO® products are used at over 1,700 hospitals nationwide. Explore the HALO® professional products and educational programs that help doctors and nurses provide safe sleep for babies in their care.

Please join us in this important healthcare initiative to help all babies sleep safely from the start.

HALO Safer Way to Sleep Programs & Products for Hospitals

FREE In-Hospital Modeling Program

Replace traditional blankets in your Birth Center or NICU with a FREE supply of HALO SleepSack Swaddles to model safe sleep.

Discharge Gift Program

Send parents home with a gift they will love and use at home to ensure their baby sleeps safely.

HALO® Bassinest® Hospital Series

The only bassinet designed to keep baby safe & close to mom for convenient care.

Hospital Gift Shop Program

Special pricing program to ensure your hospital carriers premium safety products.

Childbirth Educator Program

Resources and tools to support your safe sleep curriculum.

Cribs for Kids National Safe Sleep Certificate Program

Gain recognition for your hospital by becoming Safe Sleep Certified.

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HALO’s Mission: Make Safe Sleep Easier

When HALO's founder, Bill Schmid lost his daughter to SIDS, it became his mission to make simple, innovative products that make safe sleep easier for you and more comfortable for your baby. At HALO, we maintain an uncompromising commitment to safety, which is one of the reasons why we're the #1 trusted choice of hospitals.